Claudia Montes Salinas

Claudia Montes Salinas is the Mosaic Center Special Projects Manager at Indiana University Health.

“In the words of Colosio- I see my community with hunger and thirst for justice. With the collective consciousness built within the Surge Institute, small steps towards achieving justice become essential towards building a movement with prepared leaders to dismantle structural barriers.”


Alexander L. Chisley

Alexander L. Chisley is a Visual Artist/Educator at Christamore House



Sarah Terrell

Sarah Terrell is a First Grade Teacher at Matchbook Learning at Wendell Phillips School #63

“Surge is an opportunity for me to join with like-minded individuals that recognize the opportunities for change within our educational systems. It is the chance to strengthen my platform as a leader and become a change agent for those often overlooked within our communities.”


Tia Taylor

Tia Taylor is the Elementary Assistant Principal at The PATH School

“Surge is transformative, disruptive, and will have a lasting impact. Surge is assisting leaders in disrupting and shaking up the current state of education. They are helping fellows think about this work differently. We can’t do what we’ve always done in hopes of success, we have to be innovative in this approach. Disruption also speaks to dismantling a system that’s currently in place to hinder our black and brown children. Surge is providing fellows with tools, access, and the means to make the necessary changes in education.”


Tylie Mendoza-Robertson

Tylie Mendoza-Robertson is the Coordinator for Linguistically Diverse Scholars and Spanish Teacher at KIPP Indy Legacy High

“My experiences as a Black Woman in education teaching Black, Brown, and Indigenous children while simultaneously raising my own have amplified both my passion for educational equity and my drive to be a force in closing the achievement gap. Surge provides an opportunity to be surrounded by community and individuals in a collaborative and supportive space. I know that as a Surge Fellow, I can show up authentically in a space that fosters advocacy, innovation, creativity, and leadership with individuals who share my mission and vision.”


David McGuire

David McGuire is the Principal at Tindley Summit Academy

“The education landscapes need to be shaken up in Indianapolis. The children deserve better than what we are offering. We need leaders who are ready to help usher in the next generation. Surge provides an opportunity for leaders of color to shake things up in service of children. Being part of Surge offers a chance to continue to develop my leadership capacity, and with the capacity, I can send the elevator back down to support future leaders.”



Nigena Livingston

Nigena Livingston is the Founder and CEO at URBAN ACT Academy

“I see Surge as a collective experience where leaders can come together to envision a more evolved society of free thinkers, problem solvers and change-makers. Together, we work to overcome racist, classist, patriarchal and other systems of oppression by challenging the status quo and presenting new and innovative solutions to age-old problems.”



Angel Jackson-Anderson

Angel Jackson-Anderson is the Principal at BELIEVE Circle City High School/BELIEVE Schools

“Surge is a great opportunity to catapult me into the next phase of my career. I truly believe that to evoke real change, it is imperative that one partner with others; working side by side to achieve a common goal. In education, our goal is to bring equitable change for scholars of color. In order to bring that equitable change, we must close the achievement gap. Surge is a movement of leaders that together can collectively move the pendulum towards closing that gap. Being a part of the Surge Academy and working with other leaders of color in our city and country to learn how to create systemic change is something I want to be a part of. If selected to be a Surge Fellow, I hope to be a part of leaders that will vow to bring systemic change within education to all children across the city of Indianapolis.”



Tenika Holden-Flynn

Tenika Holden-Flynn is the Founding Head of School at Herron Classical Schools

“I would like to be a part of the Surge movement because in order to make changes you must first be informed. I believe that participating in Surge Academy will further develop my skill set to improve outcomes for all students. It will also connect me to like-minded leaders that share my passion for serving ignored communities. Providing me with the skills and connections to lead for change and increase opportunities for black and brown families.”



Dr. Brandalyn Hayes

Dr. Brandalyn Hayes is the School Director/Principal at Paramount Schools of Excellence

“Over the years, In many situations, I may have been one of few or the only black teacher some students had ever experienced. Surge focuses on the leadership of black and brown individuals and allows for more intentionality in the growth of us as leaders of our next generation of change-makers. It’s important for young people to see what they can become through us as their teachers, leaders, administrators, and mentors. When students walk into our schools, classrooms, or organizations should they have to ask themselves are they represented in any capacity? In efforts to dismantle racism or classism, the answer to that question should always be no. In definition, a movement is defined as a change or development. Being a part of this important change or development is a moment in time that will allow me the opportunity to impact the change that desperately needs to take place within this ever-changing world of education. I embrace the opportunity to be with like-minded individuals who share the same vision for wanting to empower our communities to be the change. Being a part of this movement allows me to be coached by others who have walked the path that I am starting. As a leader in this space, having a seat at the table is important but using my voice at this same table is equally important.”