Dr. Brandalyn Hayes is the School Director/Principal at Paramount Schools of Excellence

“Over the years, In many situations, I may have been one of few or the only black teacher some students had ever experienced. Surge focuses on the leadership of black and brown individuals and allows for more intentionality in the growth of us as leaders of our next generation of change-makers. It’s important for young people to see what they can become through us as their teachers, leaders, administrators, and mentors. When students walk into our schools, classrooms, or organizations should they have to ask themselves are they represented in any capacity? In efforts to dismantle racism or classism, the answer to that question should always be no. In definition, a movement is defined as a change or development. Being a part of this important change or development is a moment in time that will allow me the opportunity to impact the change that desperately needs to take place within this ever-changing world of education. I embrace the opportunity to be with like-minded individuals who share the same vision for wanting to empower our communities to be the change. Being a part of this movement allows me to be coached by others who have walked the path that I am starting. As a leader in this space, having a seat at the table is important but using my voice at this same table is equally important.”