Introducing the Surge Academy | Indianapolis

It has been a blessing to watch the Surge movement grow and evolve since our humble beginning back in 2015, and we are honored to continue to serve and collaborate with the communities and leaders of Chicago, Oakland, and Kansas City. Of course, as a National movement, we are committed to continued growth and impact in our mission to elevate and empower leaders of color across the country. 

In a sentiment left to us by the brilliant Maya Angelou, like air, our people and this movement will continue to rise

Without further ado, Surge is excited to officially announce the Surge Institute is expanding the Surge Academy to Indianapolis, Indiana! The Surge Academy develops, elevates, and unites emerging leaders of color as they further transform the education landscape in their communities. Since its beginning in 2019, the Surge Academy has worked with 28 African-American and Latinx leaders within Kansas City, and we are excited to continue the growth of this work into Indianapolis in partnership with The Mind Trust, an education-focused nonprofit organization. You can visit our Surge Academy webpage to learn more.

In addition, if you know of a leader who you think would benefit from learning more or applying to the Surge Academy in Indianapolis, please refer that leader through this form.

For updates and new developments on the Surge Academy, follow our newly launched Twitter and Instagram profiles, as well as the Surge Institute on Facebook and LinkedIn. It truly is an exciting time to be a part of this growing movement. Thank you for your continued love and support!