The Chicago Surge Fellowship identifies and accelerates promising African-American and Latinx education talent to enhance their expertise and aptitude, empowering them to transform the education ecosystem. Fellows hone:

  • Executive Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Team-Building Techniques
  • Navigating Education History & Politics
  • Proclaiming Your Authentic Story/Background
  • Strategic Relationship Management

This experience is curated to generate both individual and collective transformation through healing and a reclamation of our leadership narratives centered on the power and strength of our racial and ethnic identities and how they supremely qualify us to impact the communities and students we serve.

Surge Chicago Leadership

Executive Director, Chicago
Ulric Shannon
Ulric Shannon
Executive Director, Chicago
Ulric currently serves as the Executive Director at Surge Chicago, drawing on more than 15 years of leadership in education management. His career in education began as a Chicago Public School teacher, and most recently, he held the position of Director of Purpose at LiberatED Way (AUSL). In this role, he led initiatives to dismantle systemic barriers, working towards providing equitable opportunities for K-12 students. Ulric's commitment to mission-driven leadership is evident in his efforts to develop and manage strategic partnerships on both local and national levels.

As an alum of the Surge Institute (Class of 2020), Impact Fellow at the Chicago Urban League, Posse Scholar through the Posse Foundation, and Civic Leadership Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ulric has consistently demonstrated a deep dedication to fostering positive collective impact. Chicago Scholars recognized his contributions, honoring him as one of the city's impactful professionals under 35. Academically, Ulric holds three Master’s Degrees in Political Science, Education, and Business Administration from the University of Illinois and National Louis University, showcasing his multidimensional expertise.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Ulric embraces the spirit of Chicago, savoring the city's tavern-style pizza and upholding culinary traditions—no ketchup on hot dogs. He also immerses himself in the local dance scene, enjoying stepping and footworking. During moments of relaxation, Ulric's adventurous spirit comes to life through global travel and culinary explorations, complemented by the simple joys of Law and Order: SVU marathons. Ulric's impactful journey is defined by his dedication to education and a zest for life's diverse experiences.

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