Voncia Monchais is the Director of Youth Engagement at Mikva Challenge.

“My vision of education equality is that all students, regardless of their zip code, cultural background, socioeconomic status, race/ ethnicity, identity (gender, religious, sexual orientation, etc), has equitable access, opportunity, and exposure to all possibilities in life, and are equitably and strategically invested in with all necessary resources, including quality teachers, technology, buildings, enrichment programs, quality and inclusive curriculum, mental health specialists, representative & empowering leaders, and customized strategies that are co-created by the students and communities themselves, etc to thrive. The Surge Movement has so many incredible leaders that are sitting at the table and in positions of influence to make these changes that are needed NOW to empower and unite communities of color, especially while our power, humanity and even existence is under constant attack in this hyper-partisan climate. I want to work alongside that network of changemakers to make this vision a reality – to learn from them, to collaborate and be co-conspirators in our commitment to reinvent systems and power structures, make a change and to take action together to enact these necessary changes so that our students of color have an equal opportunity to succeed in life!”