“Surge embodies an opportunity for me to catalyze transformative change in education, aligning with my deep-rooted belief in its power to break generational cycles. As a first-generation college student, I intimately understand the profound impact education can have on marginalized communities, particularly black and brown students. Now, more than ever, the urgency to address educational disparities is palpable. Surge provides a unique platform to amplify my commitment to fostering equitable spaces for students, ensuring they receive a high-end education regardless of socio-economic backgrounds. I aspire to leverage my experience, passion, and insights as a Surge Fellow to dismantle barriers, cultivate inclusivity, and contribute to systemic advancements that empower underrepresented students. This is not just a fellowship; it’s a calling to be an architect of change, driving excellence and equity hand in hand. ”


Vincent Rawlings | Assistant Principal at KIPP DC