Born in Queens, NY, and raised amidst the vibrant neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Verna Melissa Taylor, a dynamic and authentic leader in urban education, brings unwavering dedication and passion to her role as principal of PS 272. With a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Childhood Education from Brooklyn College and dual Master’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education from Touro University, Verna has solidified her foundation in educational excellence. Throughout her career, she has seamlessly transitioned into leadership roles, demonstrating tenacity and a vibrant personality as she supports and guides fellow educators. In 2017, Verna’s commitment to driving systemic change culminated in her appointment as assistant principal, and in 2021, she was promoted to principal. Drawing from her rich experiences within the New York City Public School Education System, Verna tirelessly advocates for the enhancement of urban education, ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all students. Her dedication to nurturing student interests and showcasing their talents reflects her unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of students in underserved communities, embodying the very essence of her role as an educator and leader. Ultimately, through cultivated experiences and high expectations, she adamantly believes that our scholars of today will evolve into tomorrow’s confident leaders, innovators, and trailblazing champions of change.


Verna Taylor | Principal at The Curtis Estabrook School, Brooklyn, NY