Tierionna Pinkston is Principal at The Noble Academy, Chicago, IL

Tierionna is a mother, wife, and long-time educator, who serves young people and families as the principal at The Noble Academy. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, she has spent more than a decade teaching, learning, & leading in order to deliver exceptional outcomes for students who are often pushed to the margins. She believes deeply that the commitment to lead well in our schools is a radical pursuit of justice. Prior to becoming principal, she served as the Manager of Instructional Leadership for Noble Schools, where she coached and built strategy with instructional leaders and led professional development for teachers, schools, and teams. She is simply a Black girl who loves the Lord and is obsessed with the hood– Black womanhood and Black motherhood. She is a 2011 Chicago Corps member, a 2016 Stanford Hollyhock Fellow, and a proud 2022 Chicago Surge Fellow


“The pandemic has changed both the world and education landscape as we know it. I’m looking forward to learning alongside other leaders of color, as we redesign education so that it heals and liberates those families and communities we serve.”