“The Surge Fellowship is doing that Fannie Lou Hamer and Ella Josephine Baker work – empowering a generation of leaders with the tools necessary to change the education system, thereby providing students with the footing needed to uplift communities, reconstitute or dismantle systems of oppression, and establish LEGACY. My mission is to equip our youth of the diaspora, whether they identify as Latinx, African, or African-American, with the transferable skills necessary to build communities. I am aligned with the Surge Fellowship, and I am excited about the educator that I will be on the other side of my time in the fellowship. I know that I will be challenged to become the greatest version of my personal and professional self, ensuring that I will be best equipped to support the youth, families, and educators I serve.”

Terrence Pruitt is the Co-Founder & Principal Consultant of Project Restore Initiative LLC.