TaraShaun Cain is the Executive Director, Black Principals Network at the Surge Institute.

“I want to join the Surge Fellowship because I am a doer and a life-long learner. I believe in this work and I am vested in creating the next generation of leaders. I want to change the lives of those that I serve and inspire them to do it for the next generation and the generation after that. I have memories of those that poured into me to ensure that I would be successful but also through those rites of passage, challenged me to do the same. The Surge Fellowship would deepen and broaden my impact while also helping to transform my practices as well. I want to be a part of the think tank that will help me become more reflective about my role in securing the best possible opportunities for the future of our youth. The Surge movement is about our collective responsibility to ensure that the next generation is prepared to lead. I hope to develop change agents in our youth by ensuring that they use their voices for the betterment of our educational structures, opportunities, and communities.”