“For me, it isn’t enough to be a leader of color in education. It is critical that I unapologetically represent and serve Oakland’s students of color. I’m excited to connect and lead with a group of peers who are equally passionate about strengthening the landscape of education in Oakland in meaningful, creative, and transformative ways. The Surge Fellowship will allow me to dedicate my own perspective & expertise as I connect with local educational leaders of color to build on our shared experiences and connection to our communities.”

Osayuware (Tina) Enagbare is a strategic human resources advisor with experience in corporate & non-profit environments. Her passion for community empowerment and youth development fuels her mission to advance equity & engage and develop the talent within the organizations that serve them. As the Head of Talent & Equity for Peer Health Exchange, she leads all aspects of their Talent function namely the development and implementation of PHE’s human capital strategy. Tina currently serves on the Board of Directors for Lighthouse Community Public Schools and is a member of the Surge Institute’s Inaugural Oakland Fellowship (2018). She’s an occasional blogger and is most likely the only person you know still fiercely loyal to her Blackberry device.

Pronouns in use: She, Her/Hers

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