“As a Bay Area native, I am deeply devoted to serving younger generations here. The Surge Fellowship will present me with a unique opportunity to grow as a leader and in community with other educators of color. Our work together can empower young people to not only know themselves as scholars but to fight for their scholarly rights and support them in creating more tangible realities. I am excited to be a part of a community whose work can create deep ripples of change for—and with—our young people, the kind of community only the Bay Area can nurture.”

Nicole Magtoto, a product of San Francisco Unified, now serves as an Educational Policy Analyst, and has been the architect behind the roll out of  SFUSD’s Board of Education Resolutions supporting students dealing with parental incarceration and homelessness. By tapping into her experience working as a recruiter in SFUSD’s HR department, she has had success in leading this innovative work and she has leveraged her artistic inclinations and improv skills to help build these new realities for young people.

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