Mercedes Alvear is a Success Bound Coach at Lefkofsky Family Foundation/Success Bound.

“For years Black, Brown, and Indigenous people have worked vigorously to dismantle systems of oppression and white supremacists who have interrupted safe spaces of learning for both educational leaders and students of color. With the influence of Surge, my internal and external journey to heal from traumatized learnings will be met with leaders that understand the importance of this “work”. It is empowering to feel justified, inspired, and validated by a community of abolitionist leaders working to dismantle inequities in education. The Surge experience honors a commitment to diversity, and intersectionality, which creates space for our people and future generations to thrive, matter, and embrace their whole self . After a tumultuous year, now more than ever the Surge experience will allow me to embrace opportunities for collaboration and assemble learning experiences for communities of color to feel heard in spaces not created for us.”