“Surge Institute stands as the embodiment of my aspirations to empower Philadelphia students, staff and teachers to disrupt and dismantle systemic barriers. As a passionate advocate for equitable education, Surge is my conduit to catalyze impactful change. Any leader seeking to instigate change needs a group of fellow leaders and mentors who serve as a mutual support as we go through the rough and tumble of doing good work. It is my hope to be part of such a collective in the long term. In this pivotal moment, as educational paradigms shift, Surge equips me with the tools to transcend the many challenges we face as leaders grounded in restorative justice and healing. As a Surge Fellow, I am determined to amplify my mission, honing my servant leadership to become an even more effective advocate for Philadelphia students. This leadership journey is an opportunity to elevate not just my voice, but the voices of the communities I serve. ”

Lead Relationships First coach | The School District of Philadelphia