La Shawndra is an Assistant Principal at Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. She began her professional career as a Mental Health Professional, working with adults living with mental illnesses. Although the career was rewarding, La Shawndra had a strong desire to work with young people in an educational setting. She transitioned from the private sector to working in education with Chicago Public Schools seventeen years ago as a College and Career Coach. This opportunity inspired her to receive an endorsement in School Counseling. As a Professional School Counselor, La Shawndra fulfilled a variety of responsibilities such as building relationships with post-secondary partners, providing resources for teachers, and coordinating events for students that exposed them to life beyond high school. With a steadfast dedication to student success and a commitment to building the strongest advisement program possible; she was recognized for successful implementation of the Naviance College and Career Readiness Program by the Office of School Counseling and Postsecondary Advising in 2016. La Shawndra is a highly educated professional with degrees from Wilberforce University, Chicago State University and Concordia University. She is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Furthermore, she is passionate about contributing to her community and participates in various volunteer activities.