“There are issues that have become more and more pressing educational challenges, particularly for Black and Latinx students, that need immediate attention and advocacy. Becoming a Surge fellow would assist me in playing a vital role in addressing these issues while also offering a unique professional opportunity for development, mentorship, and resources that can enhance my leadership skills and capacity to effect positive change in education. The supportive community of like-minded educational leaders creates a powerful network to share ideas, collaborate, and amplify each other’s impact while also increasing focus on equity and social justice. My desire to make a meaniful difference in the lives of students and communities is my driving force, and the Surge Fellowship offers the platform to achieve that. My accomplishments as a Surge fellow will be a testament to my dedication to educational excellence and my commitment to creating positive change for the students and communities I serve.”

Dean of Students 6-12 | Noble Schools: Gary Comer College Prep