Principal Joseph Williams, a passionate educator and youth advocate rooted in the Englewood community, draws inspiration from his transformative education at John Hope College Prep High School in Chicago. A Communications graduate from Northern Illinois University, Joseph initially pursued a career with Revlon but discovered his true calling in education. Making a courageous leap, he joined the Alternative School Network as a dedicated counselor for Youth in Care before becoming the Director of Culture at Legal Prep Charter Academy and ultimately the Principal. Joseph’s unwavering commitment to inner city youth empowers them to overcome obstacles. As an educator and leader, Principal Joseph Williams embodies resilience and community, creating an inclusive environment for all students. Beyond his professional life, he showcases his love for the arts, winning numerous awards in high school and college as a singer and musician. He aspires to merge his passion for music with education and establish Legal Prep’s music department as the city’s strongest.

Joseph Jawon Williams | Principal at Legal Prep Charter Academies, Chicago, IL