“The Surge Fellowship acknowledges that we are the best advocates and creators of change for our own communities. I want to be part of Surge because it understands the power of our own community and is willing to invest in radical ways to challenge the manifestation of intersectional oppression. Surge understands that the work continues beyond ourselves and I want to be part of the movement that knows and acts on the continued need for making space for more folks from our communities.”

Joanna Vazquez is an advocate for students who find themselves at the intersection of identities. Joanna is leading Oakland’s charge in designing Linked Learning high schools across the city in order transform the experience of students within the classroom to engage students in contextualized and relevant learning. Joanna is committed to fulfilling Oakland’s hope of preparing students for college, career, and community in more intentional and responsive manner that is conscious of the complex interests of young people.  Her passion for social justice, educational equity, and holistic development of young people stems from upbringing in Fullerton, CA as a first generation high school and college graduate.

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