“I have learned that excellent leadership is an ongoing journey that requires precise tools to carve, chip and mold leaders to be excellent. Surge Academy provides the training, resources and connections to not just sail into excellent leadership, but soar, flourish and make a significant impact so that all children have an opportunity to thrive in their educational pursuits. As experience and research continue unfurl, it is clear that systemic racism breathes in the nation’s capital, especially in the public education system. We can no longer let this breathing system live, but rather shape leadership that reflects the community so that marginalized children have equitable resources, which will create equal opportunities so that all people can live up to their fullest potential. Surge Academy is a significant conduit to bring change. I’m thrilled to be part of this journey. And I deeply desire to soar into excellence to bring greater change for my people.”

DEI Project Management Consultant at Jhonna Amelia, LLC