Jasmine Knowles is the Managing Director, Black Educators Initiative at Urban Teachers

“As an educational leader in Chicago, I realize that I cannot do this work alone. I believe that we will not be able to make holistic change and disrupt oppressive systems if we are unable to break down silos and build coalitions of influence. I understand that because of the magnitude of this work, we must work together as a collective. As a leader, my vision for “what is possible” for children and families in Chicago is rooted in changing policies and structures across all sectors. It requires collective action, and it is why I believe that my work can only be bolstered by other like-minded community and education leaders that push and inspire each other to deliver on the bold dreams for what our young people deserve. My hope is that through the Surge Fellowship, I will become part of a collective force and network that are working to pursue educational and life outcomes for our students that are equitable and just.”