“As a Surge Fellow, I am most excited about having an opportunity to further build my capacity as an educational leader with others that look like me! It is an intentional space cultivated not just with BIPOCs in mind, but for BIPOCs specifically! And that alone is powerful. Even though we may come from diverse backgrounds and upbringings, as well as different stages of our personal and professional journeys, we have the shared foundation of navigating Las Vegas as leaders of color. Our city has so many opportunities for growth in relation to education—but it will only be through a collaborative spirit and leveraging our individual strengths and opportunities for growth that we will be able to truly begin to see a transformation in the educational experience of the students of Las Vegas. I’m excited to push myself outside of my comfort zone and dream bigger than I ever imagined. Through this fellowship, I hope to continue to unlock my potential and elevate the impact that I’m having on a city that I absolutely love. So “Why Surge? Why now?” Why not now. I make everything and everyone else a priority. I need to do the same for myself. ”

Director of Alumni Impact at Teach For America Las Vegas