“As someone who has worked in college access for youth of color in Chicago for the past 5 years, my freedom dream for the BIPOC youth of Chicago is simple, but revolutionary: 80% of BIPOC youth in Chicago will receive a bachelor’s degree by the age of 25. As someone who grew up on the south side of Chicago, I know the privileges and opportunities that my bachelor’s degree has granted me, and I want that for all youth in Chicago. Chicago youth need to be at the decision table, especially when the decisions are directly impacting their communities, and I believe that college degree attainment will allow for more of our youth to be at these decision tables. During the Surge Fellowship, I hope to learn more about the educational landscape in Chicago and I hope to gain tools, resources, and perspectives from Surge and other leaders of color in the fellowship to continue deconstructing racism in our schools and to liberate our youth of color through education. I am also looking forward to receiving 360 feedback because this will allow me to become a stronger leader for myself, for the team I manage, and for the youth I serve. I am confident that these assets I’ll gain from the Surge Fellowship will allow me to get closer to my freedom dream for the BIPOC youth of Chicago.”

Dean of College & Post-Secondary Counseling | Mansueto High School – Noble Schools