“I dream of seeing BIPOC young people engaging in learning with no limitations. Since I am living out my passion of education and service, I want to continue building the knowledge and tools to support BIPOC young people in ways that make them feel as though the dreams that they desire to achieve in life are brought to fruition. I’m seeking to strengthen my planning and implementation in creating and/or restoring learning spaces that bring families and community stakeholders together to close the gap of children being left to define the world’s meaning on their own. I desire to gain assistance in obtaining a greater understanding of our society’s inequalities and addressing biases as it relates to black and brown families and the options being given to them in order to support them in urban settings. By working and learning alongside like-minded individuals, I hope to gain a community of my own in which we are able to uplift and empower one another through our leadership journeys.”

Social Emotional Learning Network Specialist | Chicago Public Schools