Dulce Torres-Petty

Dulce Torres-Petty is the Senior Program Manager at Oakland Promise

Zakir Parpia

Zakir Parpia is the Director of Fiscal Partnerships at California School-Age Consortium

Jayo Miko Macasaquit

Jayo Miko Macasaquit is the Chief People Officer at The 19th.

Kyra Mungia

Kyra Mungia is the Deputy Director of Education at the Office of Mayor Schaaf, Oakland Promise

Sanam Jorjani

Sanam Jorjani is the Co-Director at Oakland Literacy Coalition

Taica Hsu

Taica Hsu is the Co-Director of Mentoring at Trellis Education

Ty-Licia Hooker

Ty-licia Hooker the Executive Director at Boost! West Oakland and Stockton Success and Leadership Academy.

Roilyn Graves

Roilyn Graves is the Director of Special Education at Envision Education.

Paul Fields

Paul Fields is the Director of Programs and Partnerships at The Knowledge House in The Bronx, NYC.

Adanta Ahanonu

Adanta Ahanonu is Chief Program Officer at COOP Careers