Ronni Moore

Ronni Moore is a College and Career Readiness Coordinator at Purdue Polytechnic High School North.

“We are best positioned to effect the transformative change we seek when we work together across schools and districts toward the common goal of high-quality education for all learners. The Surge Academy presents an opportunity to fortify our community of educational leaders of color as we learn and grow together. It provides an opportunity for us to amplify our collective voices as we advocate for the needs of our learners and bring about lasting change. Contributing to this positive change gives the body of my work in education meaning, purpose and value.”


Nicole Montiel

Nicole Montiel is the CEO of Anda Spanish.

“Surge has created a space where we can focus on personal and professional growth and be agents of change in our communities of Indianapolis. We need healing. We need disruptive leadership. We need each other. This is an opportunity to build each other up and drive each other to sustainable change for our people. I cannot wait!”


Ma’at Lands

Ma’at Lands is the Executive Director and Founding School Leader at Rooted School Indianapolis at Eastern Star Church.

“I am grateful and honored to join other education leaders of colors in this movement to build and transform our communities. As a leader of color it is important for me to be in space that allows me to learn and grow in space that values my identity, my values, and my strengths. This opportunity will allow me to continue to build my executive skills in order to be the most effective leader. I am excited about the growth and development that will come as a result of this opportunity as I seek to increase my voice for the voiceless and enhance my community.”


Allissa Impink

Allissa Impink is the Manager of Community Engagement, K-12 Advocacy at the UNCF (United Negro College Fund).

“The Surge Academy is geared towards equipping and empowering leaders in their journey. I interpret this movement as a way to enable reciprocity amongst leaders of color. I want to be a part of this unified space, as we continue to fight for equity in our city. Leveraging this movement would support me in continuing my focus on community engagement and making major impacts within Indianapolis’ local education environment. My vision of equity is for students of color to enter into classrooms and be represented by models of Black leaders, and leaders of color, that emulate strength and success. I want to continue in my development and realign my goals, by collaborating with others and internalizing feedback. This opportunity will elevate me towards making meaningful impacts that show measurable change here in the city that I love.”


India Johnson

India Johnson is the Executive Director at Thrival Indy Academy.

“I was born a passionate person, but I wasn’t always proud of my audacity. As I have learned over the years to lean into my audacious nature, I’ve become more comfortable in my role as a disruptor or systems. I believe that Surge will offer development in areas that will expand my ability to speak truth to power and advocate for those who may not have yet leaned into their gifts.”


Carolina Figueroa

Carolina Figueroa is the Bilingual Community Organizer at Stand for Children.

“I am currently a DACA recipient and it has changed my life in such a positive way, and I know it was only possible with the movement we fought for years. Organizing, action-taking, and being a part of that change takes time and patience. Yet, it is possible. The Surge Fellowship follows those steps, empowering leaders that influence our youth into building an even stronger connection with their community and taking that connection to a higher level by organizing towards change. A positive change. I want to be a part of the Surge movement because I believe they will amplify what I have learned as an organizer and help me understand an even more efficient way to create change for our most vulnerable community.”


Geoffrey Fenelus

Geoffrey Fenelus is the Founder/Executive Director of PROMISE PREP.

“Programs help individuals or a group of people learn ideas, actions, or theoretical frameworks on how to achieve a particular goal. However, a movement is a group of people that work collectively to advance their shared political, social, or economic beliefs or ideas. The key component is that the group works together to create synergy to get traction to transform a system or context in which they see a need for change. I want to be part of a movement that is intentional, strategic, and unapologetic about changing the current education ecosystem that has not been serving black and brown kids in Indianapolis and beyond. Surge Academy provides this opportunity.”


Ava Fenelus

Ava Fenelus is the Assistant Dean of Online Programs & Associate Professor of Science at Relay Graduate School of Education

“For me, the movement that Surge represents is the intentional and active creation of a collective community. This collectivism, by its very nature, lays the foundation for truly anti-racist work. To be part of the Surge movement is to be a unit in a team of folks who are committed to liberation and equity, being surrounded by people who support, challenge, and lift me – and being counted on to do the same. It also means working as a unit to truly reimagine and re-create our world.”


Theodore Brannum

Theodore Brannum is the Director of Finance and Operations at URBAN ACT Academy.

“I want to be a part of a movement that brings a change in leadership. I want to be an agent of change in the communities that I serve. During these times, it’s important that there is social equity in educational leadership and developing the skills to get a seat at the leadership table or being a part of a new table is what I hope to accomplish.”


Javier Barrera Cervantes

Javier Barrera Cervantes the Executive Director at The Latino Youth Collective.

“In the fight for justice and equity in education we need to build a movement by people who see their roles in it as a civic duty, as a lifestyle, not as a career.”