Ms. Regina Latimer Lake is the proud mother of two sons and the loving sister to nine siblings and a south side Chicago native. She’s served within the Chicago Public schools district for 24 years, in a multitude of different roles and has worked her way up the ranks. She currently serves as the fearless leader of the dynamic Earle STEM Elementary School. Currently in her role as principal, she works relentlessly to create a safe, equitable, rigorous, and culturally relevant school experience where all stakeholders can thrive while also being engaged, excited and loved. Her passion extends beyond the four walls of the school into the community by providing service to a multitude of different organizations for the betterment of people. Principal Lake believes emphatically in education being the passport to the future. As such, she possesses a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, a Reading Specialist Masters Degree, a Masters in Curriculum Instruction, and a Masters in Urban School Leadership. She also has plans in the near future to obtain a Doctoral Degree in literacy. Simply put, Principal Lake believes in excellence being not an act but a mindset and a lifestyle. In essence, if you walk with it, talk with it, and believe in it, you will ultimately become it.

Regina D. Latimer-Lake | Principal at Earle STEM Elementary, Chicago, IL