“Reform will require more than representation—it will require reflection. Future change agents and leaders need to see themselves in the change agents and leaders of today. I still have a lot more growth to do personally, socially, and professionally, and I think it is too late to count myself as a leader of tomorrow. The time for my contribution will be here sooner than that. Knowing that I’m not yet ready to jump into the leadership fray, the best gift I can give to the future leaders of the movement is to help prepare the space for their arrival. One of the most important components of that preparation is our presence—we need to be here, whatever we define “here” to be. I’ve learned firsthand that “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Surge is helping us find our seats, and we’re hungry.”

Randy Seriguchi, Jr. is the Executive Director of Urban Ed Academy (UEA), a non-profit based in Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco, CA that serves elementary school boys of color. He believes success for our boys should come by any means necessary. Money, resources, and time should be spent until we get our intended result: focused development of boys who will become productive men.

In another life, Randy is a scratch golfer and has a photographic memory. In this life, he is a hall of fame shower soloist, a mama’s boy, and makes a mean omelette.

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