Jorge Fuller is an Impact Manager at City Year Kansas City.

“For every challenge, there is a success only seen by the beholder.”-JAF.  Imagine the times of Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. DuBois, articles discussing their ideologies of Pan-Africanism and the needs of black people. Whether it be repairing the broken spirit of the “9/10th” or securing the position of the talented “10th” one could see the intent was to grow the black community. Surge is the reemergence of those thoughts; where we can gather in a space that is safe to have those intellectual deliberations without having to code-switch. We can analyze and begin to process how to make education a priority in our communities. This movement will inspire others to intentionally join the education sector not as a fallback, but to progress future generations. I want to be a part of Surge as joining this movement could potentially be the catalyst for this manifestation.