Arman Lakes, Ed.D is a School Counselor at Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, DCPS.

“I interpret the Surge Fellowship as a movement because it will take a movement to make lasting impactful change. The Surge Fellowship is designed to help elevate leaders of color and give them the necessary skills to be transformational. The transformation happens when you have a diverse group of talent. I believe the movement does not conclude once the fellowship ends but Surge Fellows become a part of a community that empowers young leaders of color and can pay the wisdom and advocacy forward. Equipping Surge Fellows with the knowledge and skills necessary to become better leaders will allow them to give back and help the communities they are working for. I want to be a part of the Surge Movement because I truly believe that I have the ambition and drive to make change in my community and the world. I am a leader with a clear north star and am unapologetic about my mission as an educator. I humbly work on behalf of Black and Brown youth whose voices have been suppressed but deserve the best education possible.”