Happy MLK Day!

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and have found some way to recognize and honor the rich legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I’ve been reflecting on the legacy of Dr. King and the countless others who fought for justice in the face of dangers, threats and turmoil I can’t even imagine.  It gives me pause to be reminded that he was assassinated at the ripe age of 39.  I’ve thought, “What have I done with my 38 years of life?  Whose life has been changed based on the work I’ve done? Am I an example that inspires others?”

And in the midst of those thoughts, I saw a great message from my dear friend, and leadership consultant Terra Winston.

“There’s greatness inside of you waiting to be released.  When your legacy is written it won’t be defined by your mistakes.  It will be a reflection of your best, as long as you are willing to share it.” — Terra Winston

I had the great privilege of moderating a panel of 6 amazing, witty and thoughtful young people in Los Angeles this past week. Hearing their candor and openness about their challenges, accomplishments, joys and fears filled my heart with awe and hope. I realized in that moment that my doing something as small as moderating and facilitating a conversation was BOTH allowing an audience of educators to hear directly from students their true needs, desires and experiences AND catalyzing and encouraging a next generation of leaders, trailblazers and game changers. In that moment and with that opportunity all that was required was my best – for the adults and students in the room. I simply needed to be the spark to allow greatness to flow through and to others.

As we start this new week, reflect on the example you are providing to others. Are you sharing your best at all times? Even when the stakes seem low? Even when you aren’t being rewarded or acknowledged? Dr. King’s life epitomizes this and is a wonderful reflection upon which to ponder for 2016. Sharing the very best of you has immeasurable ripple effects. So here’s to being the change.